Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

台灣宏觀電視Taiwan Macroview TV moved to Eurobird 9 satellite

I have noticed that the Taiwan Macroview TV station has moved to another satellite called Eurobird 9. The good news is that there are currently 6 chinese TV stations on this satellite. In my opinion this fact makes this satellite to the most import satellite for receiving chinese satellite tv programs in Europe. I hope that the Da Ai TV station from Tzu-Chi will also join this satellite. If this is the case there is no reason for me to point to an additional satellite than the Eurobird 9 for watching chinese tv programs.

我在最近的一次調試中發現臺灣宏觀電視臺已經轉移到一個被稱為歐鳥9(Eurobird 9)衛星上,值得高興的是在這個衛星上有多達6個中文電視臺,這是目前為止我所發現到的華人節目最全的衛星平臺,我個人認為如果大愛台也能加入其中的話,那麼就可以用通過歐鳥9號集中接收多個中文電視臺代替目前的多個衛星分散接收,這樣既能提高接收效率也能在費用上減少開支。

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